Saturday, 1 August 2009

August 1st


The internet has been a bit hard to get to over the last few weeks as I have been so busy. After Denmark and the success of both my dogs there (Scott’s 1st & Jacks 3x 2nd Places), I also competed in France where Jack had a 2nd and a 5th place.

Scott was working very well there, however the 2-on-2-off method on the table was not quite what the judges wanted, so we did not have any clears.

I have been very pleased with how Scott worked at the shows and I am happy that August gives us many competition days, which I am really looking forward too. It will be nice to continue working together on the harder courses. Scott has also gained a lot of confidence from doing some more independent work than before, something which I know I need to do more of!

Our next shows are the KC-Festival and Dogs In Need. I will update as we go.

Best wishes to all.

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T√łnsberg said...

congrats with good results this summer:)I`m at Fagernes training for a week with Lars Bang(Denmark) and Peter Holmberg(Sweden). Looking forward to your next session in Norway:) best regards Birgitte