Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Scotts 7 Wins!!


Firstly I would like to thank everyone for being so nice about Scott this weekend, I was over the moon with how well he applied himself and worked.

Scott had 12 runs, 7 wins (4 x Agility6 and 3xJumping6) and one second place. He worked very well and also only knocked just two poles all weekend. A fantastic return. Jack and Che also had some great runs in the 7 classes, I had a few places with them too.

Several people I train also won this weekend, Wendy Williams won a 5 jumping, Gina won with Ember, David and Cae also won grade 7 classes, I think Ceri won with Kelta and Janet Jones won out of grade 1 by also winning a grade 1 agility class. Janet also did me proud in the First Contact final coming 5th out of 30! Lyn and Miranda also had top ten places, and well done to Ray Woodcock who has another win towards grade 7 with Spike. Well done every one.

Thank you to Gina for lending me her camera... and to Ceri for filming every run for the last few weeks (you will be happy Gina wants it back!) however I am going to be uploading a compilation of Scott’s best runs in the next few days, which I will post up here.

Also I have to give thanks to Dog Veges for a great show, especially the super surface!
I am still selling many copies of the LGT workshop DVD , and have had some really good feedback about it in recent weeks. To order your copy visit
Some people have also been asking about Taddymoor Scott’s breeding lines. I am possibly the worst person to ask about this as I have a very limited knowledge about lines and breeding etc! Scott’s profile however is on which will be much more informative than I am!
I will load the video soon...

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