Saturday, 17 October 2009

Isle Of Man Day 2

Well it has been a great day today. We did eventually arrive late last night, and managed to get some food at a little pub (yes I did have two dinners!) and eventually settled in at our Douglas house, with Christine who this morning cooked a wicked fry-up!

Today’s training seminar saw Gina and myself break the handlers up in to smaller groups, allowing us to Sub-focus on many different area’s.

Gina looked at Front crosses, jumping style, speed and send on. I was focusing on contacts and the importance of reinforcing the right parts of the method, contact reinforcement, conditioning, discrimination and weave exercises. It has been a very productive day!

Well done to the handlers today, who really took on board the aspects, concepts and idea’s that we both wanted to get across.

Tomorrow we have more of that same, and then flying back in the evening. So far we have had a really great time, the people here are fantastic and it has been a real pleasure to train so far!

Well done.

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Liz said...

Hi Lee
Thanks to both you and Gina for such a great weekend. I have learned such a lot. I love your calm sympathetic way of training (both to the dog and handler!)

Liz Mitchell, Flash and Dooby