Monday, 5 October 2009

Show results & latest news:

Show Results & Latest News


It has been another long time since I posted on here, have got no internet access at home at the moment and every time I drive out after I reply to emails about training days, shows and DVD orders, my battery is always flat on my laptop!

I have been to two shows since I last blogged, Dashin Dogs & Lune. I was going to go to Belfast this weekend to take part in the Champ show, but the ferry cost of £288 was just a bit too much! So I went up to Lune instead (I had entered two shows so that if I did decide not to go to Ireland I could still run!).
Last week at Dashin dogs Che & Jack managed 2 x 2nd and 2 x 3rd between them. Scott was competing at grade 7 for the first time, and had a clear in a 7 jumping, finishing 4th. He was a little bit careless on poles again, but my handling was not on top form that weekend so he can be excused this once! Several people I train had high places and Brigit & Lilly won three classes which was exceptional, well done. Janet, Ceri, David, Miranda, Lyn (Flynn is working much better now and the places are improving!) Alice, David, Wendy (first grade 6 weekend, getting a 6th place) Anna(despite being on the floor most of the time during her runs!) & Christine all had places too, so it was a very satisfactory weekend on the results front.

This weekend I was handling much better and was much more on my game. Scott had only one pole all day (4 runs) but just got away from me several times. I was having several moments of “I really don’t know why I thought I could get there!” having watch Scott slice me up and take the wrong jump. Really got to be even more independent I think in the way I handle him.

The consistency award goes to Che... again! 3 clears out of 3 runs. He had a 4th in a very tough 67 jumping class, which Jack actually won! He was flying this weekend (maybe I should have entered that Champ show!) and also had a 3rd. He would have won the 67 agility also, but knocked the second to last pole down... gutted! But a fabulous run and very quick contacts too!

Lyn had more places with Flynn, 3 I think including a 4th. David had a second and Ceri’s Sheltie Kelta is also showing much more drive and speed now and is really coming along nicely. Gill Vann had a win with Zara, very well deserved and I was very pleased with that. Alice won a grade 7 with Pip after he had been a bit naughty in earlier runs, so well done!

I am busy sorting out my diary for the winter and spring. I have been asked a few times about training days and weekends. If you and/or your club (UK or Worldwide) would like me to come over and conduct training seminars or workshops, please email me at especially if you live anywhere hot – my quality tan lines are fading now!

My football team has also been performing well, I have scored 15 in 5 games now and we are second in the league. We are trying to find a kit sponsor, if you think you would like to sponsor the “Stretton All Stars” then please email me. We only want a shirt each, and could even change the team name too ;-)

A heartfelt thank you to everyone who remembered my birthday (Oct 5th) although I am very bad at remembering anyone else’s so apologies for anyone I miss.

Octobers Agility Zone magazine will soon be out – This month I am writing a feature on how each and every one of us can break down our own training methods (using simple yet effective models) to establish exactly what we should be working on this winter... here is a small taster extract:

“From this table we can now deconstruct what is happening as the dog runs too, up and over the whole contact piece. I also include the exit and immediate handling sequence after the contact piece.
This gives me 5 basic area’s that I can use to identify exactly where the problem is, and then I have 14 sub-key area’s that I can now look at in more detail, hopefully identifying the exact problem.
I am going to take one of those sub-key areas, lets say End & Final Position, and I use a Cause & Effect type approach to establish what I need to be doing to formulate how I am going to improve this"

Visit and subscribe now. This really is what agility needed. The quality of the magazine is superb and all the contributors are excellent.

I have never written nearly 900 words on a blog update before, hope it makes up for the lack of postings recently.

Best wishes and regards – Lee

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