Monday, 21 December 2009

Tonsberg agility training


This is the first time I have been able to get onto my blog since I have been away! The last two days over the weekend have been really good fun. We have been training contact pieces and the importance of fine exact details with regard to the contacts. Yesterday we developed the idea of independence with the weaves also, encouraging dogs to be independent and drive into the weave whilst remaining accurate with the weave entry itself.
The weather has been very wintery here over the weekend. It was -14 when I arrived. This morning it was still -6. Has snowed most of the time also, although everything carries on!
Here are the two course plans from the weekend – (see below)

Thank you to Birgitte for another great stay, and everyone on the course for a fantastic attitude and application. Keep up the good work! A well done to my fellow trainer Lars Bang who was teaching cross behinds and worked his group really well.

Nina Hansen has taken some great photos of the weekend, so I will get some of those loaded up on here as soon as I can! Thanks for letting me use those.

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