Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Tonsberg, Stavangar, Frankfurt, Hotel, Birmingham, Shrewsbury.. home!


I have just returned to England.. only 19 hours late and after 3 separate flights, two rescheduled journeys, and a overnight stay in Frankfurt...

I am shattered.. still in the clothes I left Tonsberg in yesterday morning, tired, fed up of queuing in lines at the airports, cancelled flights and hundreds and hundreds of stranded passengers struggling to get home for Christmas.

My route originally was from Tonsberg to Amsterdam and then to BHX, but they rerouted me first flying from Tonsberg to Stavanger (5 hours later) then fly to Frankfurt, and then to Birmingham, however when we made it to Frankfurt, the flights were grounded due to the horrendous snow. So then ensued hours of lining up for a hotel voucher, transport to a nearby hotel, trying to phone Lufthansa (which was a joke!) dinner at 1.30am...

This morning I woke up at 6am to go and start queing again at Lufthansa tickets (the que was an hour and a half long) and then I was only placed on a ‘waiting list’ for the morning flight to Birmingham. To be honest Lufthansa and Frankfurt airport were pretty poor with communications, and I will avoid using either again. However once I was flying back to Birmingham I was just pleased to be back. Am writing this from a train trying to get back to Shrewsbury now. I sometimes think about planting a tree for the CO2 with all this touring of Europe!

Today I did have lessons booked, but I believe the ground is frozen anyway, so the fact I was stuck abroad did not ultimately matter, I guess!

Good luck if you are travelling this Christmas, and as for wishing for a white Christmas, +15 would do me nicely thank you!


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