Monday, 12 July 2010

Fionia Cup Update

Up to Monday 12th:
Hello from Denmark.

I arrived safely after an epic journey from the UK. I left on Friday at 8pm on the Eurotunnel (it had taken me 7 hours to get to there!) and I drove until 5.30am Saturday morning (with a few coffee breaks!) but it ment I avoided traffic in Hamburg especially.

I judged yesterday the open class. It was a good course and made people work, but also kept a good flow as all levels were in the class.

I also ran my dogs in the afternoon. Scott was wild in the agility (2 poles) and he clipped one in the jumping. I got a big clap so I was convinced I was clear, but in fact he had taken a pole. Jack was clear and we came 8th in the class 3 jumping.
This morning (Monday) I have been competing. I am not judging until Thursday now, so today and tomorrow I can compete properly. However both of this morning’s runs were bad. Scott was even more wild and took a pole as well as trying to take every jump off course. Jack missed the flat tunnel out.

I have class 3 agility and jumping with Scott in a bit, and class 3 jumping with Jack later also.

I will come back and update later in the week.


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