Thursday, 25 February 2010

LGT News

Well again I seem to be kicking my heals with this weather, not been able to train since last Thursday now, when will this winter end.

Some good news now is that I have a new jumping area complete and ready to use. In fact I plan to use it for today’s lesson as the main course is still soaked. The new area is enclosed with wooden fencing and has jumps and a tunnel, which will enable me to practice a lot of jumping sequences and handling skills within my lessons.

I was going to get a picture but it is raining now, so maybe il do it another time.
I decided not to go to Newton Heath on Saturday mainly due to the fact I had Everton v Man U tickets and would have only been able to do one run. Was worth it though... 3-1

I am now looking forward to April and the shows starting in some nicer weather. I am especially looking forward to the European open trials in late April, as well as my trips to Norway (March) for training and the Czech Republic (April) for judging.
I would like to say congratulations to Agilityzone magazine for its 1 year birthday. Really looking good and if you don’t already, I would advise you to subscribe to Agilityzone magazine, or at least take a look at

Some of you will know I had a nice new phone recently. Well my nice new phone is currently at the Nokia Repair shop with what looks like a cracked under-screen. I was very annoyed as it is only couple of weeks old and I had not done anything to break it, however I am hopeful it will be sorted soon. For now I have been using an old pink phone (which got me a lot of abuse on a facebook thread!).
Over the weekend some people sent me messages, I was unable to read these, the screen was ruined. If I have not replied, don’t be offended. I can now receive them, messages, I have set up a brand new voicemail too, and call catcher (as I have no signal I think I can now see if I miss calls when at home!) so if anyone needs to get in touch about training or anything else, it should be okay now.

‘Stretton All Stars’ beat the ‘Old Boys’ 11 – 7 on Monday night to record their second league win in as many games. I have found my shooting boots too, not bragging but I did play well. We only had 5 players and had two games, that is basically 80mins. Now that is a work out and a half! Last night we all watched the Champions league game.. two pizza's and a doughnut not quite an athletes diet is it.

Well done to Ceri Jones who has been gaining some super places at Agility Addicts and last weeks Newton Heath show. Also to Sue Taylor who has just started training with me and has had a great few runs at Agility Addicts show recently also.

That is just about it from me. Might just walk up the hill to check my texts now... some things never change I guess!



Talacae said...

Would that be your mums practice area you refer to as your "jumping area"????? ;)

Lee Gibson Training said...

Haha.. I prefer the word 'our' ;)