Monday, 15 March 2010

Norway training & update

Norway (Tonsberg) Agility Saturday & Sunday

Below is Sundays exercisesBelow is Saturdays exercises

Tonsberg Agility: Saturday and Sunday

Above are the two exercise course plans from the weekend training seminar from Tonsberg (Norway).

Saturday we spent a lot of time focusing the dogs to go to their proper position on the contact pieces, and remain confident even if the handler moved away from the contact pieces (Introduction to independent contacts) and we made a point of always rewarding accuracy and also rewarding the key concept of training contacts!

Sunday we developed the sequences to put obstacles physically in between ourselves and the contact areas. The tunnel acted as a spacer and kept the dogs away from the handlers.

We also worked on the ‘stages of training a seesaw’ and working fans. Both course plans have fans (Saturday was small and Sunday was a large fan) but the principal for supporting the dog through the obstacles was the same on both sequences.

Overall it was a great two days of seminars, and the handlers made a big improvement throughout the two days, but also we have laid some foundations for future training.

I had a great time this weekend with the groups and look forward to training again soon with the participants of the weekend.

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