Friday, 28 January 2011

Soccer City & Safari - My last days in SA.


Well as you all know I am back from South Africa now, but just to fill in on the last few days of my trip.

Jason & Nicki took me to see Soccer City (The world cup final stadium) on Sunday, and on the Monday I left at 3.30am with Gaby, Andy & Liz for a 6 hour drive East of Johannesburg to the lodge in a part of the Kruger Park.

The lodge itself has all the facilities of a modern house, but step outside, and you could meet ANY of the animals that roam around. We only had monkeys come visit us at the house, but Gaby told me of times they had Elephants & even Hyena’s right outside.

We saw many animals over the two days, and on the Tuesday we managed to see the Elephants and Lions. The Elephants were on an island across from us, and one in particular took exception to us and decided to cross the river just to see us off. I was driving at the time, and shall we say, confident quick reversing skills were very useful!

In the park we hardly saw anyone else. But there are rangers who keep watch and take some private tours. We had our own Land Rover and used Andy & Gaby’s knowledge of where they had seen animals before to find them.

However it was the rangers over the walky-talky on the last night who radioed in a sighting of the pride of lions near the rail tracks. We had been on the hunt for them all day, and one sighting had proved to be a wild goose chase, but we eventually found them!

There were a male, female and about 10 cubs / small lions. The pictures are not great below, but I got a fantastic video, which I will upload soon.

It was a super end to a fantastic time in South Africa. I can’t explain enough how much I enjoyed meeting everyone from Cape Town, Port Elizabeth & Johannesburg. I have made friends for life and really hope to be back soon!

My extended thanks to everyone who made the whole training events possible and the experiences I had which I will never forget. Thanks to everyone on the seminars, and well done for knuckling down and trying out the skills I did my best to help & teach you. It was my pleasure. Good luck.

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