Monday, 10 January 2011

South Africa Update 10th Jan


Hello from Cape Town. Tuesday I will have been here a week and have done so much! The weekend consisted of training seminars at a different club on Saturday, followed by a course analysis type class on Sunday.

Saturday was a early start, arriving at 7am after an hour drive into the wine region. The clowd soon burnt off and it again was very hot. We did a foundation class, a general handling course and a jumping handling class. All of which were well tackled by the handlers. Afterwards we all went for lunch.

I designed a course, the students ran it and then we trained the skills needed on each section right through the whole course, looking in detail at every part of the course. (The course plan used is in the post below this one)

As you can see from the pictures I have been busy sight seeing also, with a Cheetah encounter (which helps pay for much needed conservation work in the wild to stop numbers falling) as well as a concert at Kirstenbosch.

Today was a day spent relaxing and buying souvenirs.. as well as the aquarium in Cape Town. Tuesday I have some private lessons in the evening, but otherwise it is a less busy day.

My tan is getting better!


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