Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Update April 2011

 Update (its been a while!)

Well this month has been very busy, so busy infact I have got so behind with writing any updates and even my agility zone magazine articles, although I have got that done now!

I have been in Norway, Czech Republic, Sweden as well as TAG show and Lincoln shows. We also had the selection day for the Great Britain EO (European Open) team.

So on the results front:

I am going to Austria as part of team GB! Jack made 3 clears out of 4, and we qualified along with some other excellent handlers and dogs. It will be a exciting team that we are taking to the EO!

Scott had a jumping 1st at Lincoln, and a 5th in the EO class getting points for next years selection date!

At TAG, I managed another jumping win with Scott in 6and7Combined, and Jack managed a 2nd & 3rd in Agility grade 7 and Jumping grade 7.

From 21st April to the 24th April I was at Gasahoppet show in Malmo Sweden. I was judging at the show and designed/judged the Class 3 agility (Sat) and Jumping course (Sun).

Above Class 3 Jumping
Above Class 3 Ag
The courses proved to be quite trickey but fun, fast and tested some of the skills I like to see at the highest level of the sport.

I had a super time in Sweden with some great people, however I am looking forward to being at home for a bit now and running my dogs in the shows coming up!

I will upload a video soon, have some of Scott and Jacks rounds to upload!


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