Monday, 25 July 2011

Weardale Weekend, the EO & a funny video!!


This week is very rushed as tomorrow I leave to travel down ready for the EuroTunnel at 7am Wednesday morning.. as we begin our drive to Austria and the European Open 2011.

I am very excited about going. We will relax after the 800 mile drive on Thursday. On Friday will be a training session at the EO venue, although it wont be very long, more just to get used to the equipment and venue really.

Saturday & Sunday will be the competition. We have team and individual. Monday we will return home.

I will try and keep some updates on facebook but not sure what the Internet situation is like out there at our team hotel.

Last weekend I had a 1st with Jack in G7 agility, a clear in the Champ final and several other places.

Scotty had good runs all weekend, some decent places. However the biggest memory is the Champ final where he decided to jump the flat tunnel entrance.. yes it felt as random as you feel reading it! Below is the video.. enjoy :)

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