Monday, 3 October 2011

Leaving for the World Champs - France


Just a review of Chippingham show, a lovely hot weekend, but I only ran 3 courses to train Scotty over the contacts ect. I was not going to push very hard. In fact it was so hot that the dogs kind of just liked to relax rather than run.

Monday I had a light session with Greg & Anthony which went really well. We are all just waiting to get out to France now though.

Tuesday 4th

By the time most of you are reading this I will be on the road heading for France. I take the ETunnel accross to France at Midday Tuesday, with a rest day Wednesday to follow which is also my Birthday, but there will be no wild celebrations this year.. not until after this week is out at least!

Thursday 6th is the training day. GB is training at 8.19am - 8.39am. So a fairly early start.

Friday 7th is Indiviual Jumping

Saturday 8th is the Team event, both Agility & Jumping

Sunday 9th is the Indiviual Agility final round.

Thank you to everyone for all the good luck messages, it is really great to feel the support of Great Britain behind us, its an even bigger incentive (as if I needed one!) to go out there and do GB proud. Thank you.

Il keep you updated.


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