Friday, 28 October 2011

LGT Update

This week & weekend.

After a fairly buys week of lessons I have an equally busy weekend coming up. This week has been good for training (except for Thurs as the weather was shocking!) Tuesday night we had the first competition night at training classes. It went well and afterwards some of us went for a brilliant Chinese buffet. I can’t quite put into words how good it was at the buffet, but if anyone wants to experience it again, we will be back soon! As many of you know, I like my food, and an unlimited amount of food... well, say no more!

I have also been very active this week in the evenings, mostly playing for my football team also. We have had two wins (Monday & Thursday) and are top of the Monday night league with an unbeaten record. I have been playing again tonight too, but not competitively, just a training match with my friends in Church Stretton. A good work out all the same.

Earlier today I was reinforcing ‘Zeds’ contacts and weaves. As mum is on crutches until Christmas, I have been training her dogs, and being such a nice day today I decided to train speed up his weaves and contacts using some simple positive methods, which worked well. I have not trained my own dogs for a while now, as they are on rest. Scott trained very well before the Worlds, so some time off is vital now, before we start prepping for Olympia.

This week has also been quite demanding for me, I had to do the weekly shopping myself at the supermarket Thursday. It was like a cattle market in there. I am sure I nearly ran over a few kids with my trolley full of shopping!

Saturday I am planning to tune in to Everton vs Manchester United on the radio, before some lessons later in the afternoon. In the evening I am out into Shrewsbury which should be fun, before an early start Sunday morning where I need to drive to Gloucester to judge the Wales WAO team selection day. I have one jumping class, 2 agility classes, a gamblers and a speed stakes class to judge, so it could be quite a long day with all the various highs that WAO have, although I am hoping to speed through it quite quickly!

Next week sees me giving more lessons as normal. Next weekend I am on the road again, heading to Falkirk in Scotland for a 2 day training seminar, which should be fun. I am flying up from Birmingham to Scotland on Friday 4th Nov, returning Mon 7th.

Enjoy the weekend. I will write again soon, probably after the selection day with some course plans to upload. I am using some of my courses I recently used in Tonsberg Norway, which all worked well!


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