Monday, 28 November 2011

Training review: Marc Saunders & Lee Gibson Training Day Sunday 27th November

This weekend has been a really enjoyable one down in the south of England working with Marc Saunders on another of our joint seminars held in Horsham.

On the Friday night we indulged in a bit of social out and about in Crawely town, and on Saturday Marc and I went across London to the Emirates stadium to watch Arsenal v Fulham, Marc is a Fulham fan and I am an Everton fan, but for Saturday I was enjoying watching Fulham gain a valuable point in their bid to avoid relegation!

For the training day Sunday the theme of the day revolved around the type of deceleration and information needed to give your dog maximum efficiency through turns and over the distance between obstacles.

The morning started with an immense rain shower that looked to somewhat dampen everyone’s spirits setting up. I suggest Marc now buys some suitable footwear for training after having wet feet for the day! I was okay in my big ski Jacket and waterproof socks though!

The morning & afternoon groups all worked hard on the exercises we had planned and worked through. We had a summary at the end of each session and the feedback was extremely positive.

Well done to everyone who worked really hard during the day. It was most enjoyable to teach.

My exercises are below, morning and afternoon sessions.

Regards - Lee Gibson

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