Monday, 7 November 2011

Training weekend review


So I have just returned from a fun weekend in Falkirk training. The weekend was split into three days of seminars, Friday night, Saturday day and Sunday evening.

All of the handlers on the seminars were grouped up into similar ability (as much as possible) but the sequences I designed were made to test the handlers on their approaches into jumps and “line selection” which is something I have really focused on recently. Speaking from my own experience it is so important to make correct timing decisions and focus on the exit out of a turn. We looked at several versions of this over the weekend.

Below is one exercise, taken from yesterdays first evening session. This can be used for reference and skills building:

The evenings were also good fun, as my hosts took me out into Falkirk to a proper club (I use the term loosely as there was somewhat of a debate about which particular venue to go too!)

On the Sunday we were scheduled to train outside, however seeing the conditions of the ground I made the decision to move the sessions to later in the day and inside the riding school. This proved to be a good decision as the training in the evening was a huge success, and also gave me several hours to sleep Sunday daytime.

Today I flew back to Birmingham and then on to Shrewsbury by train. Tonight I have a huge top of the table clash for my football team.

Next Friday I fly to Norway for seminars in Oslo.

Catch up later in the week


(2 spaces left grades 3-5 Saturday January 28th 2012)

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