Saturday, 28 January 2012

LGT SuperSeminar 28th January 2012

For those that dont know, we had a small error during the week whilst in SA.. the error being arriving 24 hours late for our flight home! My planning skills for once had failed me, and we were looking at a huge sum to get home. Thankfully Jason and Nikki allowed us to stay with them for another day or so, and after some internet comparing, searching etc... found much cheaper return flights whuch took us over night on Thursday and through Dubai. I got home at 4.30pm Friday evening. Two days late, but at least in time for the Saturday seminar!

Sso fter a hectic week I have managed to get back to the UK and in time for my training course in Worcester which was Saturday.

As I have not had time to copy the exercise plans, they are loaded up on here for the handlers on today's seminar to download and print.

Here are the exercise plans from today's seminar in Worcester.

Morning Session Above

Afternoon Session Above

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