Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Update from Johannesburg

Been a while since I have written on here, we moved to Johannesburg on Monday leaving Cape Town and many wonderful memories.
We are now settled in, staying with Jason and Nikki in North West Johannesburg. The training venue is a short drive away. All of our sessions are in the afternoons. So far on Tuesday I did a foundation class and a obstacle discrimination class. Today I did two weave sessions, one learning how to weave and one about proofing, and finished with a contact seminar.
We have been out to some nice restaurants and today went to the Cradle of Mankind. It is where the first evidence of human evolution was found. We went down some caves and also went to the museum.
Tomorrow I have a judges course in the evening and a during the day I have private lessons and another contact workshop.
Enjoy some of today’s pictures!

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