Sunday, 29 April 2012

Prague update


This has been a very interesting couple of days in Prague so far. I have just finished judging 350 dogs over my jumping course. I had 99 small dogs in my final class of the day and about 50 medium. The rest were all large, around 200.

I arrived on Friday evening at Prague having flown my usual route out of Birmingham and via Amsterdam. However, my joy at arriving in plus 25 degree’s and hot sunshine was short-lived when it was discovered that my bag containing everything I had packed had not made my connection and was still in Amsterdam.

KLM told me that there was a good chance I would get the bag that evening, and in the worst case scenario by the Saturday morning. This was not ideal but I was happy to go with it as I didn’t really have much choice!

I then went to the agility venue with was in Kemp Lavka Skochovice. I am staying in a room which is part of the venue. There is not much here as far as facilities but I do have internet and a basic bathroom. (this proved very useful to wash a pair of boxers in!) I also managed to blag some ladies shampoo from someone at the show which proved useful. (My hair has never felt so good.. haha!)

So come Saturday morning, with only my hand luggage (containing my laptop!) and Friday’s clothes I was forced to go and acquire a judging kit! My kit was to include a whistle, sun hat, sun glasses, shorts and a clean T-shirt.

I had to judge all day in Friday’s boxers and borrowed clothes. I was judging Agility class which formed part of the qualification for the Czech National Team for the World Championships 2012. My course was challenging and did DQ quite a few dogs and handlers, but some of the best runs were excellent to watch.

Luckily there is a bar onsite which I have unlimited access to (being a responsible judge!) which helped easy my pain after judging 350 dogs and taking a shower, just to put the same clothes back on again!

One of my friends here at the venue was calling KLM and asking all day where my bag was. It eventually turned up at 8.30pm… almost 26 hours late! I was literally leaving to go to a supermarket to buy new stuff as I was thoroughly annoyed by then at the poor service!

So Saturday night was A LOT cleaner and fresher, and today (Sunday) I have been judging the jumping classes, again another 350 dogs. The weather is hot and almost feels like there will be a storm. I have got a sun tan I think.

Tomorrow I will do the first day of my two day training seminar.

I hear it has been rather wet in England?!


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