Sunday, 13 May 2012

Course Analysis Seminar & Final Day Pictures

Today I have been conducting the biggest agility seminar I have ever done, with my course analysis seminar attracting 75 people.
We started the day by me watching everyone run one of my previous course (A class 3 agility that I used in South Africa 2012) and after everyone had run, I worked through the course (with the help of my translator) to analyse every part of the 20 obstacle course, looking for the optimum line, and suitable handling solutions.
The group then ran again through the course. I timed a section of the course to see if the handlers improved, which almost everyone did.
We then did the same on a Jumping course I used in Prague a few weekends ago, which also proved excellent for analysing routes and fastest lines.
The day proved a huge success and everyone said they had enjoyed it.
I am now back in Osaka, listening to English Premier League football despite it being the early hours of Monday morning.
I fly back to the UK Monday evening, arriving around 7am Tuesday morning.
I would like to say what a privilege and honour it has been to teach here in Japan. I would like to thank all of my students, and everyone who has organised my trip here, including my translator who has worked tirelessly all week!
Enjoy the pictures.
Speak soon

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