Friday, 1 February 2013

Japan: Day 1 Exercise plans

Japan Day 1: Exercise Plan

I am just going to bed as it’s been a good first day here in Japan. I had a group of 20 and was doing some exercises showing how to spot the quickest lines on course, choosing the suitable turns and working on efficient positioning.

Here is today’s exercise plan:


Tomorrow (Saturday) I am judging at a competition organised by the same people holding my seminars. I am hoping for better weather than we had today though!

I am judging a beginners class, a class 1 & 2 agility and a team event. I have designed the jumping courses also. There is no class 3 class at this show.

We have eaten at a nice restaurant on the first evening and tonight we stayed at the hotel as it was raining so hard outside we didn’t want to walk anywhere, however the hotel was very comfortable and nice food.

For now I am going to sleep!


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