Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Tuesday 9th September

Well today was very wet. I did 6 hours of lessons and it was pretty wet all day. It’s now eased a bit, but tomorrow (Wednesday 10th) I have 9 hours of lessons, so it is a busy one!
I had to write an interview piece this evening for a foreign agility Magazine, well I had to finish it, I’ve been working on it for ages, and I dug out some pictures from the summer. I’ve uploaded a couple, one very nice one of Scotty on the dog-walk!
31 different countries have visited this blog so far, I think thats fantastic and would like to say Hello to everyone who is following it. Tell me about yourselves... & please feel free to comment. I hope the formatting improves though!!


Birthe said...

Hi Lee!
Saw you have put a picture of Scotty here that I took, very nice! Have you put some other ddv pics in that article? I'd love to read it if you let me..
Your blog is doing very well! Congrats. It's nice to read it, you're a good writer :). I'll try to come here and read it as much as I can!
Hope the weather is a bit better now! So you can run again!
Good luck with those lovely dogs of you. Give them a big hug!
Greets from Belgium
Birthe x

Lee Gibson Training said...

Hello Birthe,

I am getting used to the blog, its quite fun and good to keep upto date, which has not always been my strong point ;)

Dogs are well, all the best - Lee