Thursday, 11 September 2008



Only a short post today, because in 30mins I start teaching again. Ive done 5 hours so far and have another 2 this evening. Yesterday (Wednesday) I did an epic 10 hours, finishing at 9pm. It was great, because all the lessons were successful, and handlers have been learning lots. I have set up some box exercises this week.

Some of the handlers wanted to see Scott do some contacts, so I managed to get a little bit of training in myself today!

The show at Presbury Park is on, so I will see some of you there no doubt, I hope its dry! Only running Scott this weekend as Jack and Che are having some time off after all the seasons excursions and shows!!
Speak soon - Lee


Talacae said...

Carry on like this you will have to get yourself an assistant :o). Fancy it??? lol.

Lee Gibson Training said...

Yes please.. send a CV and cover letter to LGT, and I will see if you make the grade ;)


Talacae said...

Its in the post!