Monday, 15 September 2008

Weekend Review


Well the weekend at Prestbury park was certainly eventful in more ways than one. We set out in glorious sunshine Friday, but as we neared the venue the rain had started. We were about 4 miles from the venue when the can developed a fault, resulting in a virtual loss of breaks and severe grinding coming from the front left. I stopped and saw that the break calliper was grinding on the wheel, but there was little I could do.

We managed to crawl to the show, where we were faced with the prospect of driving across a soaking wet field. We enviably got stuck, but were camped by the entrance so the RAC man could come and see to our van. He eventually showed up about 8pm, and was quick to diagnose that we were ‘screwed’ and needed a lift home. It was tipping it down by this point, and walking about in mud, I was pretty fed up!

Saturday and Sunday, thankfully turned out to be dry and sunny, and we were taken by recovery truck, without any further incidents, back to Shropshire Sunday evening. Now I can tell you about our runs.

I am the type of person who looks at facts, and I believe results and league tables, for example, do not lie. So with that in mind, I was slightly disappointed, because we ended up with 6 runs, none of which were clear! This sounds pretty bad, and if you consider my other two dogs Jack and Che once had a combined run of 37 consecutive clears (June/July 2006), I consider 0 clears in 6 not to impressive...

However, two of the classes we had just 5f (one pole), in two classes we missed the weave entry, 1 class I sent him over the wrong jump (I was really grumpy at that point haha!) and the other, Scott fell off the dog walk! These were the only mistakes we made. In fact, Scott had 6 stunning runs, he never dropped a directional, or took the wrong course, he worked very very well.
His weave entry training showed some good signs by one of the weaves he picked up (a 90degree left turn out of a straight flat tunnel) where he had to put his head round the first pole. But the real problem is ‘discipline and approach into obstacles’ this was highlighted by the two entries he missed, both were quick approaches to ‘flat’ entries. He is only breaking on entry, which is too late. I need him considering the angle and adjusting accordingly.

What also reinforces my view is when he fell off the dog walk in grade3. The turn was about 110degrees right off a jump. I shaped the jump and was planning a cross behind (knowing Scott will find his contact position every time I can just send him) so I didn’t run in, I watched him lock onto the dogwalk and then accelerate despite the angle. He managed the up plank, but as he struggled to stay on the top plank I knew he was going to come off. He actually twisted quite badly but no damage was done thankfully!

I really have never had a dog with such a consistent high tempo in agility. For his own good he needs to be a little disciplined on his pick-up of obstacles, but we will work on this, I know what he is capable of and we will get there. I am pleased with how the jumps are coming on. Only two poles in six classes is pretty pleasing, but those who know me will know I am always pushing and goal setting, so we still have hard work to do.

Next week we are at Bromsgrove, Scotts last weekend of grade 3. Jack and Che are also back in competition next week after their end of season leave! I have a fairly busy week training again, but will do a bit more with Scotty this week than I managed last week.

A big well one to David & Cae for another win, Janet & Cody for a fabulous 5th place, Ceri and Teckyn who were placed high (I cant quite remember where!), and David with Poppy for some good runs this weekend. Also to Gina and Cas on your places and winning a place in the HTM semi finals!! The other members of LGT had their show cancelled I believe... after they had driven to the north east and walked courses!

All the best, Lee


Talacae said...

Huh, fancy forgetting Tek came 2nd, its not as if it is a common occurance haha! And Miranda's place in C1-3 Agility. And how about Drifts places????? By the way, we feel you are letting us down, I saw one club celebrate someones win with Champagne for them, looks like you might have a hefty drinks bill by the end of the year ha ha!!

Lee Gibson Training said...

Yes im working now to save for the christmas doo haha!!

Champagne... well it must be such a rare occurance for someone from that club to go clear then ;)


Gina said...

Thanks for the congrats :-) I agree with Ceri a bottle of champagne for all of us who has moved up a grade, now then just how many bottles would that be - probably bankrupt LGT tee hee.

Talacae said...

Only the best Champers will do too, and of course that would be one bottle per grade moved up this year, not per dog - Anyone gonna join my household for a little drink or 4??? haha

Lee Gibson Training said...

Guys, bucks fiz okay?? ;)

Talacae said...

And there we were thinking we were all worth so much more to you ;o).

Gina said...