Monday, 3 November 2008

2nd November

Training day at Aberystwyth.

Today was an early start, leaving at 6am to arrive just after 8am. The training was indoors and was at a venue south of Aberysthwyth.

I had decided to split the group into 3 x 2 hours and had 6 dogs and handlers in each session.

Many of the handlers were there all day and watched the other groups. I encouraged people to make notes on what we had done (however the pattern we were using is below) so they could go away and build on the foundation work we had been doing.

I had some very good feedback and asked a few of the handlers to come and train at LGT to develop the skills and techniques we had talked about during the day.

Today I travel up to Blackburn, Lancashire for a training evening tonight. I am taking Scott to use as a demo dog!!

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