Thursday, 6 November 2008

November 6th

I was a bit slow updating this week, had a lot on my mind shall we say. That and watching the new James Bond film Tuesday. It was good, but not as good as Casino Royal.

The training night in Blackburn on Monday went well, the photo’s didn’t come out though, or rather I didn’t charge the camera from Sunday. I did some of the key things with the group Monday, and introduced them to some send away techniques, as well as contact theory, which Scotty helped me demonstrate... until he decided to stay glued to the contact despite me saying the release, was very funny at least if not a little embarrassing but could have been worse!

This week has been busy for lessons. I’ve set up a course from the Kennel Club Festival British Open class, and it is great fun to work. I’ve just been training Scott, Jack & Che on it. All three are entered in Dartmoor show on Sunday but I’ve decided to wait until Newton Heath to compete again, and Scott will then be grade 5, rather than grade 4.

I am off to a training day in Taunton on Saturday; it is going to be nice to see some of the groups I have worked with before again.

LGT Members News – 13th December Meal, I now have the menu sheets done, and need them back before December 1st. Thanks - Lee

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