Monday, 17 November 2008

Training Day at Wyre - November 15th

Saturday I ran a training day at Wyre, in Lancashire. I split the groups (I had two groups of 10 for 3.5 hours each) into two groups of 5, with one side focusing on turn exercises and tightening of turns, whilst the other side looked at Contact theory and handling certain sequences from a distance.

The groups swapped over half way through each session. I did a lot of work on motivation with some of the more inexperienced dogs, and made sure all the handlers were clear about their roles when training their dogs, especially in things like contact theory. I was impressed with even the most inexperienced dogs and handlers, and I know that everyone had plenty to take away with them and practice!

Below is the flick to tunnel exercise we did, with the handlers point marked by the numbers, and the dogs line by the path.

This week I have a lot of lessons, and will be training my dogs ready for Newton Heath show on Saturday, which include Scott’s first grade 5 classes!

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