Sunday, 23 November 2008

Newton Heath Show 23rd November

Saturdays show was the first for a long while, and to be honest it showed! Scott was running his first garde 5 courses, and was flying into all the jumps like a train! We didn’t have the tightest turns ever, but everything else was pretty good. No places, but a fun day.

Jack on the other hand was fantastic in a grade 7 jumping class, coming 4th out of 83 dogs 0.7 behind the winner, and he was working nice. Che was also good and only a small split second behind Jack.

If I’m honest the day belonged to the people I have been training, including Ceri Jones with Teckyn who managed a fantastic 2nd place in their first day of grade 6, and also David Russell, who won his first grade 4 class with Cae. Well Done!

Well done to Alice Moodey, I saw some nice runs in grade 6 classes with Pip. I know Gina Graham also had a 2nd place with Ember in grade 6 jumping. Well done to you all.

Im busy with lots of lessons again this week, best wishes everyone. Lee


Talacae said...

ahh, bless you - all that bullying and picking on me must be paying off ha ha!
Quite a good day for for LGT!!!

Alice Moodie said...

Well done every one at LGT!

leah gardner said...

Glad to hear how well scott and the others are going....Maybe you were too busy? ;) xx Leah xx