Sunday, 7 December 2008

Wyre 6th December

Hey everyone, It’s been a funny old week this week. The sub zero temperatures have meant I lost 4 days of lessons to the weather, but I’ve been working at a local bar which has kept me busy. Also been working very hard on the Latest LGT project, news is about to break on this, I can’t say just yet, but I will break it here on the release date (later this week!).
Scott had 3 really good runs yesterday, the best being a 5th in grade 5 agility with some nicely held contacts, and nearly going up the aframe two obstacles too soon! He also ran very well in the jumping, just two poles, and the agility, where I sent him over the wrong jump! He was working very well.

Jack had some excellent runs, especially in the grade 7 jumping, and Che managed three clears out of three, and a 10th place.

Well done to David and Cae who won again (now in grade 5!), this time grade 5 jumping small, and also Gina with Rum who won grade 5 jumping large. Well done to the other LGT members who also did well. Lyn had a clear with Flynn in G3 Alice and Christine also had some nice runs.

Im off to work now, was frozen out again today, will see for tomorrow!

Regards - Lee


Talacae said...

bless you, the colds got to what little brain there is lol. Cae won combined 3-5 Agility!

Lee Gibson Training said...

Ah well done to Ceri Jones who wins the 'spot the deliberate mistake' prize for this week ;) My tab will be huge Saturday EK!!!

Talacae said...

Yeah! I win something!!! - At last! Shame the weather has been affecting your ability to save up for all those bottles of champers you promised ;o) per win (or was it per grade, otherwise that would be 27 for Cae alone)!!!! Can't wait lol!