Saturday, 29 November 2008

Update and training exercise


Im having a weekend off this week. After lots of private lessons over the last couple of weeks, im taking it easy today and tomorrow.

Ive had a few texts from people I train who went to a local show in Shropshire today, and it sounds like they did well which is pleasing.

Training News – Exercise!

I’ve attached an exercise in this post. Its a great discrimination/decision making exercise to do with your dog, work it from behind, and in front. Look to move once the dog has made a decision. Don’t move too soon or you will be forcing the dog into a snap decision.
The numbers are where you should stand, the arrows represent the path of the dog!

Let me know how you get on. I’m off for dinner now! All the best everyone.


Lucinda said...

I love this excericse because often in courses you get tricky sections were the obstacles are close togther (this shows which dogs actually understand the command for individual obstacles)

Very good!

Lucinda x

Lee Gibson Training said...

otailYeah agreed. Teaching discrimination and decision making as a skill is something I always like to do!