Monday, 26 January 2009

Lee & Scott visit a primary school!

Hello, I’ve been really busy lately training and then evening working most days so I have not been putting much up here.

Something of interest was the day trip into a Telford Primary school last Thursday. I took 4 jumps, v weaves and Scott with me to do an agility demonstration. The kids all loved it. I then toured the class rooms and all 300 kids met Scott (some spoke to me but Scott was the main draw!) and the different age groups had different projects to do based on me and my agility dogs. It was great to see the children so excited and working so hard.

In each of the classrooms I was asked questions too... Now i have done many training seminars, and never have a few questions thrown me as much as the ones I was asked by the kids. Here is my top five of the day which I really found hard to answer:

1) How long is your dog?
2) Why do you train so much?
3) What do you eat? Is it the same as Scott?
4) Why did Scott destroy one of the jumps? (Yes Scott out of 5 runs knocked one pole and they of course found it hilarious that the jump fell to pieces!)
5) Will you be on the Olympics?
6) Have you trained a Rottweiler?
7) Are you fit?! (I so wanted to give my witty answer!)

I am hoping to get some pictures from the day up here but can’t promise because of legal issues with photo’s at School etc.

Thanks to the School for a fantastic day. School dinner was fun in the school hall!!! I felt like a kid again... had my daily Milk carton!



Dani said...

Well that sounds like a great day, and your witty answer? I would agree!!!! lol

Lee Gibson Training said...

Haha, yes indeed I was biting my lip!

I was so tired by the end of the day, they kept me on my toes big time!!