Tuesday, 20 January 2009

ITV 8.00pm Tuseday Evening

Check out Annette Faulks who stars in Trinny & Susannah Meet Their Match (8.00pm ITV this evening).

Annette is a good friend of mine and I had to embarrass her (also see agility net forum!).

Regards – Lee

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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

well well well master gibson .first the name is foulkes.can you remember how i used to make you go very red with out getting close to you when you started training me and my wonderfull dog lady tanya.now im about to turn you blue and there will be contact ,and i dont mean the agility kind .lol annette .p/s if you wonted to see me in my undies all you had to do was ask,the answer would of been no ,.so make sure your mum covers your eyes when you watch me cause i dont wont you to see some think youv not seen b 4 annette

Lee Gibson Training said...

Very well done this evening.. looked good.

I will try and uplaod a clip from the show.. ;)

Alice Moodie said...

Hehe3 next time i see you Lee i expect you to be wearing jeans :P I knew i was right all along :P