Sunday, 18 January 2009

No show this weekend!

No show results this week I’m afraid..

I was really disappointed not to be able to go to Ribble show on Sunday, we got up at 4.30am to find it snowing hard and a fair bit of snow on the ground.

We walked to the road and it was in a bad condition. For anyone that knows where we live and know the roads around us will know why I decided not to risk driving out in the van. It was really bad and I doubt we would have infact made it to Shrewsbury had we set out anyway!

It has been a nice day and we walked the dogs several times, and messed about in the snow. I really hate missing shows and had been doing a fair bit of training this week ready for Sunday, but it wasn’t to be.

Next show is Mid February and then end of March... so it is now a long couple of months but never mind, there’s still plenty to look forward too!!

Best wishes – Lee – workshop DVD now available

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