Sunday, 8 February 2009


Yes, i have major Cabin-fever right now!

Here was the scene on my walk back over the Long Mynd today when I came back from seeing my friend in Church Stretton.

In blizzard like conditions it shows no sign of getting any better. I cant do any lessons until the second half of the week but who knows really. I will keep people who have any lessons booked informed. The dogs are still enjoying the snow at least!

With all the ice and snow around I would have expected any health hazards to be outdoors, but i was mistaken...

On a more light-hearted note (although I was anything but light-hearted at the time!), all this time indoors is blatantly affecting my co-ordination. Whilst attempting to reach for some semi-skimmed milk, I managed to walk straight into the fridge door Saturday morning, thus cutting myself square in the centre of my forehead, which now looks like I have been fighting or joined some sort of Shropshire cult! Not amused.

Lee 0 Fridge door 1


Aljeana said...

Oh Lee

I feel dreadful now having cancelled the Gun Dog show, that in your distress to get out and meet some 2 legged and 4 legged friends that you have taken to such desperate means of attacking the fridge.

I think we need to get you out of there soon!!!!

Perhaps I need to send Amy to the rescue ha ha


Gina said...

Oh dear, that will teach you for drinking so much tea! Hee hee

Christine said...

Tut,Tut Lee thought it was only us 'oldies' that did things like that. How is the fridge?


Talacae said...

ahhhh, poor Lee. And we could have come visited on Sunday, took the boys for a play in the snow on the footpath from the bridges!!! Tek tried to drag us to yours for a play on the equipment had a lenghty discussion with him so he ran off across the field with Fyz in tow - now trying to get those two back hmmm!!! Naughty Tekcyn! Enjoy the snow possibly forcast for tonight!!
Oh, and don't take it out on the poor fridge, it will be your best friend in the summer (if we get one!!!)

Lee Gibson Training said...

Thanks for the concern ;)

Im doing okay!!