Monday, 9 February 2009



Hello everyone. As I am sure many of you know, I have been running this blog for a while now, posting views, course plans, videos, photo's, Scott updates, well done‘s and all sorts of useful information, yet never have I had such feedback from one single part of one post.

Never have I had as many comments, texts, emails and even two phone calls (!) from anything I have ever put up on the LGT blog before.

The high levels of visitors have even broken the LGT blog's visitor record! I had over 130 worldwide visitors in 24 hours (!) which is a new record, and all because of Fridge-gate.

So I thought I had better clear up this matter and put some things straight:
Firstly thanks for everyone’s concern and good wishes. The fridge did have a slight temperature but seems okay now and is already back to work (unlike me!). I am still nursing my head, but otherwise things are returning to normal.

I would also like to state on record I did not “attack” the fridge as has been quoted! To state the facts; I was indeed heading for Milk, not for tea but for a bowl of supermarket-own brand cereal, (sorry Sainsbury’s, no product placement in this post!) and having pulled the door ajar, the fridge cynically picked its moment.

What happened next is still a bit of a blur. I did indeed receive a single laceration to the centre of my forehead, with non-extensive bleeding and hardly any blood loss. It did not require any stitches, and even if it did I would not have had much chance of getting out anywhere anyway! My main worry now is that it does not scar.

I have been back to the scene of the incident several times since. I don’t really find it too hard to go back to where it all happened and if I’m honest, I wouldn’t think twice about using a fridge again either... Maybe I’m in denial?
Either way, and if It was a one off for me, we should all learn from my experience and look at what we can all do to stop this happening to anyone else.

These are GENUINE suggestions I have taken from conversations I have had with friends, family and people I have talked to about the last post.

1) “Wear a helmet“

Okay, fair point. Are we talking 24 hours a day? Just in the kitchen? And what about taking a shower, or are we going on some sort of dirty-protest about the recent events in a valiant effort to improve health and safety?

2) “Leave the milk out or in a less dangerous place”

Hmm, not sure you have thought this one through have you. Thinking Salmonella-Sunday won’t be much fun, and I am certainly not blogging about it.

3) “Don’t be so clumsy”

Yes how silly of me what a stupid time to choose to be clumsy indeed. I normally pick suitable times to be clumsy but Saturday I must have inconvenienced all two people using that kitchen.

4) “Your always drinking tea”

Yes of course that’s the reason I fell and cut my head isn’t it. If I was drinking Whisky and Vodka I would have been fine, I mean who falls over after that. In fact as it happens, I need to go and use the chainsaw to cut some more firewood, but don’t worry, il just have a cup of Smirnoff before I head out. That will keep me out of danger!

In conclusion then, it seems like the dangers of the snow and ice have detracted from the apparent dangers that lie within the everyday house hold. Don’t let this happen to you.



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Dani said...

You really are nuts.

Dani x

Alice Moodie said...

Hahahahahahahahahahaha! well done!!!!! I think ive sprained my wrist looking for a certain white terrier today :@! lol

Hope it doesnt scar! hahahahahahaha!
Alice and a very naughty pip!!!

Talacae said...

You really are bored aren't you lol!!!