Thursday, 5 March 2009

Agility Zone

This is the cover of the first edition of Agility Zone: Dont miss out!
Some of you may know I have been ill this week, but am feeling a lot better today, and am hoping to take in a few hours of Crufts before flying out at 16.35 Friday afternoon from BHX. I am looking forward to the training weekend. It looks cold in Norway though!
Well done to all of you who train with me who have been running at Crufts, im very proud of you all!!


Dani said...

Hope you soon better, and enjoy Norway. If people you train are at Crufts, when can you fit me in?!!
Will e mail you soon and try and fix it up.
Dani x

Birthe said...

Looks nice this magazine. To bad I don't live in England though! Would love to read it sometime. You got the PSI Sporty as well from Czech Republic? Pictures look lovely don't they :). Saw the cover has one of mine as well. You must really like them :). Thanks ;).
Should mail you again, but been buisy, so thats it for now. Talk very soon! xx