Saturday, 7 March 2009


I am writing this from my bed as I am pretty tired after today. I woke up in Shropshire, drove to the NEC, visited Crufts, Flew to Amsterdam (late!) transferred (ran!) and am now in Tronsberg, Norway! Quite a day!

It is snowing loads here, and the snow around the place when you are driving is immense, there’s loads of it. I am glad that I am indoors this weekend though!!
Have had a very good laugh with the two people Im staying with, they are great and we already have some England v Norway banter on the go.

The training this weekend is mainly going to be on weaves, jumps, handling, turns and tunnels (tunnel traps etc) and I am looking forward to meeting the groups tomorrow morning.

Best regards all – Lee
Tronsberg, Norway -5!!

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