Monday, 30 March 2009

Judging and training


I have been busy this last week. I had a training day Sunday , which focused on handling and body language. It was a really fun day, lovely weather and 3 great groups who tried everything I suggested to them.

On Saturday I was doing the KC rules and regulations judging exam, which I passed. It was a long day but I learnt a lot of useful stuff. Well worth it.

Last week I had a lot of lessons, so nothing too dramatic to report! I also did some shopping too, need a bit of a refit on the fashion front!

I am now looking forward to the shows, Scunthorpe Championship show is this Saturday which I am really looking forward too. Next weekend (over Easter) I am judging in Sweden, which I am very much looking forward too.

Lee Gibson


Kenny Spottiswoode said...

Judging in Swededn eh Lee, say hello to Jenny Damm for me - Hot Stuff!

Lee the magazine went off to the printers today. I'm nervously waiting to see the outcome arghhhhh exciting

Lee Gibson Training said...

Ah thats good news, let me know mate.

Yeah im friends with Jenny, il pass on your best wishes!! ;)

Alice Moodie said...

Shopping...did you get any jeans :P:P:P:P:P:P:P
Well done on passing your judging course!!!!