Monday, 23 March 2009

Update 23rd March


After a very busy week of training last Sunday was the first outdoors show of the summer. It was a lovely day in which I even got slightly sun burnt!

Che had 3 clears out of 3, Jack had 1 clear and 2 silly mistake’s (one of which was knocking the last pole down!) and Scotty was a little bit too excited and knocked one or two poles down in his runs.

Technically though I was very pleased, his turns and weaves were really good and served to reinforce that we have made significant progress this winter in training.
This week at training I have set up the flat tunnel into an angled weave entry, something which, when the dogs come at speed, often causes problems.
This week I have quite a few things going on, I have lessons Tues & Weds before an early morning trip to the airport Thursday, and a training day on Sunday, so it is going to be a busy one!

Well done to Miranda and Alice at the weekend for their respective successes in the shows they went too!


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