Monday, 16 March 2009

LGT Workshop DVD Info


I have some news about the DVD today, as we have had a small problem with people trying to order it from PAYPAL, but we now have some good news!!

For those of you who don’t know, the LGT WORKSHOP DVD covers 6 separate areas, Weaves, Contacts, Common Traps, Handling Courses, Waits & Obstacle Discrimination. Its running time is over 70 minutes. Please read the DVD reviews at:

It has come to my attention on more than one occasion the PAYPAL payment system displays an error message. We have been trying to find the root cause of the problem without much success, but now have a solution.

If you are trying to purchase the LGT Workshop DVD via the website: and the PAYPAL option displays an error message, please click on the following link which is directly below:

“If this is a case I can send an invoice through PAYPAL which will enable you to send the funds through. To send an email, please click here
Many thanks.”

Clicking here will bring you to an email page where you send and submit a PAYPAL INVOICE request, which will then be sent to your PAYPAL account, and on your completion of the funds transfer, we will dispatch your DVD.

Please note the submission of a PAYPAL INVOICE request is not deemed that you committing to sale, you must complete the transfer of funds for the order to be successfully completed and DVD dispatched.

Take a look at the LGT DVD preview below:

Many thanks. Enjoy the LGT WORKSHOP DVD.

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