Saturday, 7 March 2009

Norway - Saturday

Today it has not stopped snowing all day, the piles of it cover the barriers in the middle of the road, its really like nothing Ive seen before, yet life seems to go on as normal... so I know I am not in the UK!

Had two good training sessions today, trained from 10-1pm and then 1.30-4.30pm. The venue is just fantastic, its like an indoor astro-turf football pitch, and its heated. Just brilliant for running the dogs on, and there is loads of room.

We have focused on some of the basics today, and getting the dogs to work away from their handlers in the direction of jumps even if the handler is on the far side. We are going to build on this for tomorrows training also.

We are going to eat out this evening, and maybe drink out too! I have taken lots of pictures but cannot connect the camera to the pc, so il upload them next week.

Best wishes from Lee (Its not -5 anymore thankfully!)

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