Friday, 15 May 2009


Hello from Espoo Finland.

I was not planning on writing another update today, but I genuinely thought I would not get the chance ever again earlier.

I have always loved flying but today’s flight from Manchester to Helsinki was possibly the most bumpy/scary I have ever been on. The weather in Manchester was wretched, no real surprise, so it was a rough take off, but on the approach to Helsinki the weather was stunning, really nice and clear. Yet the jaded Finnair embracer aircraft seemed about as stable as the British economy. We bumped our way across the city to the airport and managed to somehow land okay, but I genuinely have not experienced anything like it before. It really was uncomfortable and seemed so excessive for the, which seemed perfect. There was no explanation either!

The funniest thing was the ultra cool people who pretend not to be scared, suddenly dropping their news papers and looking petrified as the plan jolted violently downward. Even I was a little concerned as we didn’t follow any pattern, it was like left right down, back up again, very odd!
When I arrived at Helsinki I was also greeted with the news that there is a security strike at the airport. I am not one to make rash judgement but the pilot from my flight, you may want to hide that bottle of vodka!

Any hows, I am fine. Have just eaten a very nice BBQ with my hosts, and am not relaxing with a beer. My courses from this weekend I will stick up on here, but Sunday I want to give the people competing in the show a real flavour of English courses!

Look forward to my weekend here in Espoo (Helsinki)


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Talacae said...

Try flying Aeroflop, sorry Aeroflot, haha!! Now thats an experience to only try once! Think wooden plane, ice building up inside the plane on the windows and around the emergency exits and very dodgy Russian characters lol! Enjoy yourself!!