Saturday, 16 May 2009


Today was the first day of the show. I judged class 1,2&3 (small, medium & large) agility all day. I had some great runs on the courses.

After the show we went to a Finnish national park, which was stunning. I am just about to eat and have just come out of the sauna, which was unsurprisingly very hot! I can take it for a short while but not for too long. I feel very refreshed now though!

Last night’s quite drink in Helsinki turned into a epic night out in the city, however it was very funny and I enjoyed it a lot.

Sunday I have the same classes to judge again.


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Kenny Spottiswoode said...

sounds like you're having funmate. I've just heard a rumour that you'll be judging at Dundee, we should take advantage and have a night out!