Monday, 18 May 2009

Modays Training Photo's


I hear the weather in the UK is not really very good?? Not trying to rub it in but it has been about +20 degree’s here and so warm I trained in a T shirt all day!

Here are some training photo’s from today’s seminars. What a fantastic venue. Purpose built for agility. Not bad eh? Full video room & kitchen also!
Training was really fun to do. We focused on sending the dogs to jumps and sections of the course away from the handler. The handlers did very well and progressed a lot in two hours (3 x 2 hour sessions).

Regards - Lee


Christine said...

Could do with some of that training when you get back - courses getting bigger and bigger!! Glad you are having a good time -and yes the weather is foul.

Gina said...

And just where are the cut off trousers, you won't be developing a tan line you know!

Talacae said...

Just admit it, you are just trying to rub it in wearing a t-shirt to train in - the fact that everyone else has jumpers and coats onin the pics.... lol