Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Thanks KKK - on to Oulu

I would just like to say thank you to everyone at KKK for such a great few days. The organisers of the show and the participants in training, as well as the other people I have encountered along the way, it has been a pleasure to be here judging & training.

Thank you to Juha & Riikka who have been my hosts since Friday, it has been such fun.

Here is a selection of pictures from the last few days which sum up how much fun it has been!

Wednesday I am moving to Oulu (further north in Finland) where I am training Wednesday eve, Thursday & Friday, before judging on both days of the weekend.


Here are the 3/4 Gina... sexy eh!?
Supersize Tea making exercise!
Helsinki night out on Friday, very very funny.
Famous Pancakes cooked by the master himself!
Oh yes!
Its like 24/7 work here
The supermarket has a place to put the dogs, what a good idea!!
My judging gift


patrik said...

hi Lee

hope your enjoying your self in finland!!

are you judjing more in sweden this summer?

speak soon

/patrik, SE

Lee Gibson Training said...

Hey Patrik,

I am having quite a fun time thanks, now up in Oulu.

Take care


Gina said...

Ah there they are lol. OMG those pancakes look amazing!!!!