Sunday, 24 May 2009

Thanks Oulu

Thank you Oulu.

Today I am heading back to the UK. It has been a great few days up here in Oulu, which ended yesterday with a great second day at the show, and a Finnish experience I will not forget in a long time.

Sari, Miina & Santeri took me to a Smoke sauna in the middle of nowhere, it felt like we drove for miles into just forest. The roads were so straight!

Once we arrived we had dinner and then went into the smoke sauna which was, as expected very warm. I am slowly getting used to the extreme heat in the sauna’s, but then walking out the sauna and jumping starker’s into the adjacent river at about 10pm was something else. It was such a body shock and took my breath away! The Finns keep saying all this its good for you...??!! It was a fun evening and I enjoyed it a lot.

I have had a great time in Oulu and thanks to everyone for making it possible.



Shelttipalsta said...

Thank You Lee!
Yours visit was really a great pleasure for us.
Hope we will sometimes see again!

Br, Sari

Nokkakoira said...

I hope that You come to Finland / Oulu some day again:-)

Nokkakoira said...

Nokkakoira is lagotto Nucca:-)

Greetings, Pirkko

P-pojat said...

Thanks for my behalf as well Lee, -for great training and positive&encouraging attitude for us beginners!

We also had the honour to perform our first ever clear run in your agility track;-)

Best wishes for your training school and hope to see you back in Oulu some day:)