Monday, 1 June 2009

Update from Ribe, Denmark


I am writing this from a friend’s house as the venue I am staying at has no internet and I have a feeling I may not have it again this week.

I flew to Billund on Sunday, and today (Monday) I judged the class 2&3 and also the Final of the Cup class. (Small/Medium/Large) it was really fun and I felt that the course allowed for speed as well as testing area’s. Well done to all the winners.

The rest of today I am relaxing, tomorrow also is a free day. On Wednesday & Thursday we have 6 hours of seminars with 4 different groups, who rotate around. I am paired up with Peter Krone, so the 4 groups who follow us will be taught by us both.

Friday is a rest day, and then we do the seminars again on Saturday & Sunday. I fly back to Stansted on Monday at around 11am.

I am sure this week will be fun and the training should be really good also. It is very hot at the moment, almost too hot, but it seems like it will be dry at least, which is very good!

Below is the final course plan.
If anyone needs to speak to me urgently, my mobile will not work, however you can leave a voicemail or text which I will pick up next Monday.


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