Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thank you Tonsberg (Norway)

Thank you to Tonsberg club for a great weeks training.

We have spent time working in detail about contacts and releases, method & reinforcing methods. We have analysed body language and reinforcing arm-verbal command. Issues about “timing” “rolling” ;) “collecting & sending” have all been practiced. We have also talked about creating time and space for ourselves to work in, use to send the dog, and use to make our various types of turns in.

I would like to say how well every member of the seminar groups did during my 5 6 days training here, it was so good to see people improving so much. However those of you who were on the seminars know you can be working with these ideas and concepts for a long time now, and you will see improvements.

I look forward to seeing how you are all getting on when I return ;)

Thank you to the fantastic people. Birgitte has looked after me so well, and everyone at the training sessions have been superb. We have had such a good laugh along the way.

Well done to Anne-Marie (think I spelt it right?!) and Tarzan for making such good progress. Glad you liked the cap ;)

I fly back to Birmingham Thursday evening, and I am spending the weekend judging at UKA and Lune Valley, before competing on Monday! It will be nice to see the dogs.

Best Regards to everyone – Lee x

Enjoy the photo's below:

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Therese said...

Thank you for 3 enjoyable, fun evenings. Wish you a good flight back home, hope you've seen a bit more of Tonsberg today than "havariet" ;o)
Best wishes(hope to see you soon) Dennis og Therese