Tuesday, 30 June 2009

UKA Final c/plan & 6-7 Agility c/plan Lune Valley

Here are the UKA finals course from Saturday, and also my grade 6/7 agility course from Lune Valley on Sunday after my 300 mile drive up Saturday evening!

It was a long hard weekend with all the driving, but I enjoyed it and was very pleased to be running my own dogs again Monday. I still have not managed to get a clear with Scott, It was my mistakes, but he looked great. Jack had a 4th & 5th in grade 7.

This week I have lessons, then Tuffley at the weekend, another two day show and I am not judging or going away, I am running both days! Looking forward to it!


6&7 Agility Lune Valley (Sunday)

UKA Canin Final (Saturday)

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